Make Additional Contributions

The Additional Annuity Program is a voluntary program to help you save additional monies for your retirement.  You may contribute up to 10% of your base compensation to provide a monthly annuity at retirement separate from your regular retirement allowance (subject to Internal Revenue Code limitations).

  • Your Additional Annuity account is separate from your normal retirement account.
  • Additional contributions earn interest while on deposit at the rate specified in the Plan.
  • There is no Department matching for the amount you contribute.
  • There is no fee charged to your Additional Annuity account.

You may start, terminate, or change your contributions at any time while you are an active member; however, you cannot withdraw your Additional Annuity contributions prior to retirement unless you terminate and withdraw all your contributions from the Plan. 

If you die before you retire, the balance in your Additional Annuity account plus interest will be refunded to your named beneficiaries.

Options at Retirement