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The Retirement Plan Office is responsible for all administrative details of the Plan, including keeping track of your contributions and interest, management of Plan assets, paying Retirement, Disability, and Death Benefits, and maintaining Plan records. If you have any questions about any part of the Plan, please feel free to contact one of our friendly and helpful staff.



General Information (800) 367-7164
(213) 367-1692
Membership Section

-  Contributions / Withdrawals
-  Annual Member Statement
-  Purchase of Service Credits
-  Transfer To/From City
-  Additional Annuities
-  Supplemental Family Death Benefit

(213) 367-1695
Disability Benefits

-  Leaves of Absence (Maternity, Personal, Suspension)

(213) 367-1680
Death Benefits (213) 367-1721
Retirement Benefits

-  Retirement Counseling
-  Beneficiary Designation
-  Divorce

(213) 367-1715
Investment (213) 367-1905


Service of Legal Process: Custodian of Records, 111 North Hope Street, Room 1555, Los Angeles, CA 90012